Robert’s voice has been featured internationally in radio and television commercials, creative imaging for radio and television stations, and in e-learning modules and corporate narrations. With his vocal agility, Robert can provide the intensity needed for a critical corporate scenario as easily as he can turn on the casual, friendly-dad style. He can get down to brass tacks with a U.S. military training module in the morning and then provide the calm reassurance needed for a fire-safety instruction in the afternoon. Or did you want the high-energy retail delivery? Because he has that one down, too.

Robert has trained with renowned voiceover coach Nancy Wolfson and is a graduate of her intensive study course. Nancy Wolfson and Rick Santizo directed his commercial demo.

Robert has also enjoyed an award-winning radio career, having worked for CBS and ABC Radio in several major markets – most notably at ABC flagship WPLJ-FM in New York.


The Late Show With David Letterman
The US Army
The US Navy
George Mason University Basketball
The City Of Baltimore
Garman GPS ( The Golf Channel) Infomercial
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Marcos Pizza
CBS Radio

ABC Radio
Columbia House Video
Lucent Technology
Esskay Hot Dogs
John Deere
University of Richmond Basketball
Quinnipiac Basketball
Epson Printers
Discovery Channel